Law school, especially as a 1L, is stressful! Classes are typically nothing like your undergraduate courses and that includes the final exams you'll be taking. Our tip for success? Start thinking about your final exam the FIRST day of class. Yes, we know, your final exam is weeks...even months away! But, the sooner you plan for the big exam day, the better prepared you'll be.

Keep up with your class reading and outlining. Don't procrastinate! The best way to do this? Download our Federal Topic Outlines. These aren't just for students ready to take the bar exam. These are perfect for students who are studying Constitutional Law, Contracts Law, Federal Civil Procedure, Torts Law, Federal Evidence, Property Law, Federal Criminal Law + Federal Criminal Procedure.  Our outlines have all of the basic information organized for you. All you have to do is plug in the cases you're discussing in class!  Here is a link for The Bar Edit Federal Topic Outline Bundle

Happy Studying!