Federal Contracts bar exam outline attack sheet

Federal Bar Exam Outline: Federal Contracts Outline

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Ready to take the bar exam? This is a perfectly concise Federal Contracts bar exam attack sheet!

This outline is perfect for students who are still in law school and need help organizing their own class notes - use our outline as a starting point and plug and chug your own class notes - case names, etc. to create your own perfect final exam outline!

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Topics covered include everything you need for the bar exam or your final exam, for example:

  1. Types of Contracts (UCC, Common Law, etc.) 
  2. Formation of a Contract 
  3. Contract Defenses 
  4. Parol Evidence Rule
  5. Breach of Contract 
  6. Non-Performance Excuses 
  7. Remedies (Monetary Damages, Specific Performance, Rescission, etc.)
  8. Third Party Beneficiaries (Assignment, Delegation, etc.)