Federal Real Property bar exam outline attack sheet

Federal Bar Exam Outline: Federal Real Property Outline

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Instantly download The Bar Edit's Federal Real Property Outline!

Ready to take the bar exam? This is a perfectly concise Federal Real Property bar exam attack sheet! This is a great resource for bar exam essay prep, MBE studying, and UBE studying!

This outline is perfect for students who are still in law school and need help organizing their own class notes - use our outline as a starting point and plug and chug your own class notes - case names, etc. to create your own perfect final exam outline! 

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Topics covered include everything you need for the bar exam or your final exam, for example:

  1. Present Estates (Fee Simple Absolute, Fee Tail, Life Estate, Defeasible Fees, etc.)
  2. Future Estates  (Shifting Executory Interest, Springing Executory Interest, Contingent Remainder, Vested Remainder, etc.)
  3. Doctrine of Waste, Permissive Waste, Ameliorative Waste, Rule Against Perpetuities, etc.
  4. Concurrent Estates (Joint Tenancy, Tenancy by the Entirety, Tenancy in Common, Rights of Co-tenants, etc.
  5. Landlord - Tenant Relationship (Tenancy for Years, Periodic Tenancy, Tenancy at Will, Tenancy at Sufferance)
  6. Tenant Duties 
  7. Landlord Duties
  8. Constructive Eviction 
  9. Implied Warranty of Habitability 
  10. Assignments 
  11. Servitudes (Easements, License, Profit, Covenant, Equitable Servitude, Adverse Possession, etc.)
  12. Land Contracts, Deeds, etc.
  13. Recording 
  14. Mortgages 
  15. Foreclosure 
  16. Lateral Support 
  17. Water Rights (Riparian Doctrine, etc.) 
  18. Zoning