Welcome to The Bar Edit! We, the founders of The Bar Edit, are two law school graduates and successful bar examinees. 

While studying for the bar exam we identified many issues, gaps and roadblocks when it comes to bar exam prep. For example, the expense, the extreme amount of materials a commercial prep course provides, the lack of simplified attack sheets that are easily understood, especially when it comes to state specific topics and the list goes on. 

When we created The Bar Edit our main goal was to create an affordable and effective study aid that will allow more time spent on actual studying versus the preparation for the study session. You know all the time spent gathering your heavy duty prep guides that are 100s of pages long and then realizing the outlines are too dense to even process and then spending hours, even days, re-writing the outlines in a format that is easier for you to absorb. Then, realizing you really wish you had flashcards so you can quiz yourself on all of the concepts you just spent 8 hours learning. So, you spend another day making flashcards. Waste. Of. Time. Yeah...we wanted to eliminate that whole process. 
When we were studying, it felt like there was an overwhelming amount of materials thrown at us. The heavy duty prep courses are probably a necessary evil. They definitely have their perks. It's going to keep you on track and provide the in-depth explanations that you may need for topics that aren't so clear and easy to understand. Our goal with The Bar Edit is to create an edited, concise, and accessible library of those bar exam topics to allow for easier review and simplified memorization and learning. Our resources are a great compliment to any study plan you already have in place.
So, check out our Federal Topic Bar Exam attack sheets! These are also perfect for law students still in law school and in need of some help with their class outlines. You need help, even if you don't think you do. Trust us 1Ls! We wish we'd had these outlines our first year. 
Indiana Bar Exam takers, everyone likes to forget about the Hoosiers. Well, The Bar Edit did not... check out our Indiana Bar Exam Outlines and Flashcards for your next study session!
Happy Studying,
The Bar Edit Team