Federal Civil Procedure Outline Attack Sheet
Federal Civil Procedure MBE Outline Attack Sheet
Federal Civil Procedure MBE Outline Attack Sheet

Federal Bar Exam Outline: Federal Civil Procedure Outline

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Instantly download The Bar Edit's Federal Civil Procedure Outline! 

Ready to take the bar exam? This is a perfectly concise Federal Civil Procedure bar exam attack sheet!  

This outline is perfect for students who are still in law school and need help organizing their own class notes - use our outline as a starting point and plug and chug your own class notes - case names, etc. to create your own perfect final exam outline! Need a concise breakdown of Personal Jurisdiction? What about The Erie Doctrine and Choice of Law? Here you go!  

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Topics covered include everything you need for the bar exam or your final exam, for example:

  1. Personal Jurisdiction 
  2. Subject Matter Jurisdiction (Diversity, Supplemental Jurisdiction, Removal, etc.)
  3. Venue
  4. Service 
  5. The Erie Doctrine 
  6. Interlocutory Injunctions 
  7. Pleadings (Rule 11, Right to Amend, Supplemental, etc.)
  8. Joinder (Intervention, Claims, Class Actions, etc.)
  9. Discovery 
  10. Adjudication without a Trial 
  11. Pre-Trial Conferences 
  12. Verdicts and Judgments 
  13. Appeals and Review 
  14. Claim Preclusion and Issue Preclusion